All Terrain Ultra HT


Color: Black w/ Gray Graphics

Black w/ Gray Graphics

Size: Medium 17"

Medium 17"
Large 19"
XL 21"

Battery Size: 20 Amp Hour / 960 Watt Hour

20 Amp Hour / 960 Watt Hour
25 Amp Hour / 1200 Watt Hour
All Terrain Ultra HT Overview
The All Terrain Ultra HT is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the great outdoors. This bike is built for hunting, hauling gear, and tackling the most difficult off-road terrain. It features a rugged frame, air suspension fork, and 4.5” tires to give you traction when you need it the most. The Ultra HT also uses a 750 watt Bafang Ultra motor that is capable of peak power up to 1500 watts. This bike is perfect for steep climbs, slow speed riding on rough terrain, and providing enough torque to haul all your gear on your next adventure.