All Terrain Scout Cargo


Color: Black w/ Blue Graphics

Black w/ Blue Graphics
Gray w/ Blue Graphics

Battery Size: 16 amp hour / 768 watt

16 amp hour / 768 watt
20 amp hour
All Terrain Scout Cargo Overview

The new All Terrain Electric Cargo bike was designed from the ground up to offer increased performance, greater range, better off-road capability, and more cargo-carrying capability.

Our cargo bike is designed to be the perfect addition to your fleet thanks to the ability to carry extra gear like groceries, supplies, tools, or even an extra passenger. The partially integrated battery setup offers variable battery sizes ranging from our standard 16 amp-hour option for 30+ mile rides or our 25 amp-hour option that provides ride times of 3+ hours and up to 75 miles per charge.

The All Terrain Cargo makes long trips around town worry-free with plenty of power to not think twice about using the optional throttle to give a powerful boost without pedaling. When using the intuitive pedal-assist mode, the nine levels of pedal assist provide seamless power to easily propel you along at the pace of urban / city traffic.

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