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    All Terrain Electric Bike Series

    All Terrain Electric Bike Series

    The All Terrain Series

    The All Terrain’s name says it all, it is built to handle anything you can throw at it. The M2S Bikes’ All Terrain electric fat bikes are meant to give you the power to explore your world. From deep sand to fresh snow and everything in between, the bikes have everything you need to get you where you want to go. The 4" inch fat tires easily cruise through the toughest terrain while absorbing bumps, soaking up holes with ease and delivering the traction to climb the steepest terrain. With a battery(16Ah option) and motor capable of delivering over 50 miles per charge using pedal assist or around 20 miles on throttle-only mode, you now can explore more than ever before.

    • The All Terrain R750 is our original electric fat bike and is the model that we spent two years working on in order to put out the best electric fat bike on the market at the most affordable price point possible. With best in class options like the 750 watt motor and 16 amp hour battery, this electric fat bike is capable of extra long rides and has plenty of power to blast up the steepest hills. If you're in the market for an electric fat bike, we believe you'll find that our specs beat out the competition regardless of price... especially with the new more affordable 10.4Ah battery option for 2018.
    • The All Terrain MD electric fat bike features the 350 watt Bafang Max mid drive motor with a 48v, 16 amp hour battery to provide riding distances of 30 - 50 miles per charge. If efficiency is what you seek, this is its embodiment in fat bike form. The mid-drive motor and torque sensing technology allows for a fluid riding experience that is second nature. With the 4” tires found on all our fat bikes this is a perfect crossover for people interested in taking their bike off-road with confidence, while also still being able to enjoy the ease of transportation the electric bike offers in urban environments. City streets, dirt trails, sand, snow; all terrains are yours to explore with the versatile All Terrain MD.
    • The All Terrain Kush is our full suspension electric fat bike that builds upon the success of The Original R750. The Kush offers all the same great features of its brother, but with rear suspension making it suitable for the roughest terrains. Take advantage of both the front and rear suspensions for the softest ride available, or for the hardest terrain you can find; the choice is yours. Choose between either a powerful 750 watt rear hub motor or the latest in technology with the mid drive 350 watt motor and rest assured that either option will be an absolute blast to ride.
    • The All Terrain Ultra is the ultimate progression of the electric fat bike. With full suspension and the most powerful electric motor available on the market today, this is a bike that is designed to take on the toughest terrain. The All Terrain Ultra builds on the popular and well-liked All Terrain Kush to offer even more power and premium specs for the customer that is looking for the most powerful and high quality electric fat bike available.