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On Sale Pricing

On Sale Pricing

Shop our collection of bikes on sale to get a great deal on our electric bikes.

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Forest Summit FS

From$ 4,999.00$ 3,999.00

All Terrain Ultra FS

From$ 2,999.00

All Terrain Ultra HT

From$ 2,799.00

All Go Sport - Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

$ 2,699.00

All Terrain R750 FS

From$ 1,999.00

All Terrain Scout Cargo

From$ 1,899.00

Trail Sport FS

From$ 1,799.00

All Terrain Scout

$ 1,799.00

All Terrain R750 HT

From$ 1,799.00

All Terrain HT Stealth

From$ 1,699.00

TrailSport HT

$ 1,499.00