Parts: APT 850c Display

Parts: APT 850c Display Overview

The 850c display is a replacement for the original APT 800s display that ships on our rear hub electric fat bikes. It is not compatible with the R500 series, but does work with all R750 series bikes and is a great upgrade option for those looking to add some new features to their bike. This display comes standard on the 2020 All Terrain R750 HT. The All Terrain R500 includes the 800s display.

The display includes a USB port that allows for easy charging of phones, lights and other accessories from the handlebar of your bike. 



  •  Suitable for low temperature down to -20℃. 
  • High-contrast 3.2inch IPS colorful matrix screen. 
  • Ergonomic external button design, easy to operate. 
  • Speed display : AVG SPEED, MAX SPEED, SPEED(Real-time). 
  • Kilometer / Mile : Can be set according to customers’ preference. 
  • Smart battery indicator : Provide a reliable battery indicator. 
  • 9-level Assist : 3-level/5-level/9-level optional. 
  • Mileage indicator : Odometer/Trip distance/ Clock/ Riding time. 
  • Power indicator : real time power indicator, digital or analog. 
  • Error code indicator.
  •  USB charging port : 5V/500mA