Tektro Electric Bike Brake Pads

E-Bike Brake Pads


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Tektro OEM Brake Pads
Swiss Stop Upgrade Pads


E-Bike Brake Pads Overview

These replacement brake pads are designed to work as replacements for our bikes with Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes. 

The brake pads are sold in sets of two pads, which is enough to complete brake pad change for one wheel. For both wheels, you'll need to order two sets.

The Swiss Stop e-bike optimized pads are an upgraded option from the original pads designed to provide a longer wear life and slightly more power than the stock Tektro pads.


Swiss Stop E-Disc Pads

  • Developed for e-bikes but perfect for high use bikes (DH,CX) and poor conditions
  • Quiet compound
  • Low vibrations
  • Increased heat resistance for the higher system weight of an e-bike